Kenya Builds Wall Along Somali Border to Keep Al-Shabaab Jihadists Out.

April 28, 2016 F.G 0

“This wall will help us check on people like al-Shabaab from crossing to and from Somalia. We will not limit movement of other people. There is a need for joint cooperation between both countries and our leaders in dealing with terrorism, which has affected us negatively,” Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery told reporters in Nairobi over the weekend, according to Defense News. Kenya has announced it will begin erecting a nearly 435-mile-long wall along its northeastern border with Somalia to stem the flow of jihadists from the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab He reportedly added that “the security barrier consists of a concrete wall ringed with a barbed-wire electric fence and trenches. It will also have observation posts where electronic surveillance cameras will be installed to monitor movements on either side of the border.” The Somalia-based jihadist group has been associated with Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) rival al-Qaeda. ISIS members have reportedly been fighting with al-Shabaab over turf in Somalia. In March, Kenya’s National Police Service warned that members of al-Shabaab posed a security threat to Kenya. The warning came after [Sii aqri]

Somali refugee family arrives to make new beginning.

April 27, 2016 F.G 0

heir new home in Kentville has been waiting for them for six months. The Centreville Aldershot Refugee Sponsorship (CARS) committee began preparing for this day last September. The oldest of their three sons, Noor, is 13. Mohamed is 10 and Sidow is three. The oldest of the three daughters, Kosar, is 10. Dahabo is six and Sheikhany is four. Anne van Arragon Hutten, a CARS member, was glad of the aid from interpreter Lul Omar at the airport. Omar, a Halifax mother of nine, has been in Canada for two decades. Kings County resident Jennifer Njagi will also assist. The Somali Bantu family of eight left Kakuma Refugee Camp last Friday and flew from Nairobi, Kenya on April 25. The children were born in the camp and their parents have lived there for over 20 years. There are about 180,000 refugees living in Kakuma. Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya is even larger. The CARS group, founded by members of the Centreville Baptist and Bethany Memorial Baptist churches, has dedicated countless hours to fund raising and [Sii aqri]

Deadly blast targets at a Restaurant near local government HQs in Mogadishu

April 12, 2016 F.G 0

At least 5 people reported killed, scores of others injured after a deadly car bomb attack targeted at a restaurant near Mogadishu’s local government head quarters, officials say. The car, packed with explosives went off at the behind of the head quarter, but casualties yet to be investigated, Somali Police officials said. Mogadishu’s local media reported the blast targeted a popular Al-hindi restaurant near Maleyka Hotel, where many people gather for commerce. Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda wing in Somalia, claimed the responsibility according to Somali Website quoting Al-Shabaab media officials. Nowadays, Mogadishu hosted many similar attacks by Al-Shabaab who are fighting to topple Somali government and impose Sharia low to Somalia. CONTACT INFO@CEELBARAF.ONLINE  

Does Somalia need Continuity or Change?

April 5, 2016 F.G 0

The term of the current Federal Government of Somalia ends August 2016 and a new government must be in place by September. The time is too short and the country has just decided the preferred electoral model (4.5 formula) to select members of the parliament, which will then elect leaders of the country including the Speaker of the Parliament and the President of the country. The country has had successive governments since 2000 and none of these governments succeeded in holding an election based on universal suffrage, which was their presumed mandate and the dream of all the people of Somalia since the collapse of the government of Siad Bare in 1991. The people of Somalia should now ask themselves why the country is unable to achieve democratic elections of one person one vote in all these years. The fundamental question is whether Somalia needs change or continuity? This paper attempts to find some of the answers and challenges based on historical events that are likely to influence major decisions as the country heads for [Sii aqri]